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ULIANA – Social advertising video on legal work in Poland

ULIANA – social advertising video on legal work in Poland

Produced for the Polish National Labour Inspection as part of social advertising campaign Respect Yourself. Work Legally

The film retells the story of Uliana Worobec who came to Poland in 2015 on order to repay the debt she incurred back in Ukraine in order to cover the costs of the hospitalization of her 3 year old daughter. Since arriving in Poland she worked at different jobs, mostly illegally, including an incident in a bakery ‘work camp’. Luckily she managed to escape from there and finally settled for a stable legal position. Now she is helping other Ukrainians to find legal jobs in Poland.

ULIANA – Respect Yourself. Work Legally – social advertising video on legal work in Poland 
Directed by Pawel Nazaruk & Arkadiusz Bartosiak
Director of Photography: Pawel Nazaruk
Edited by Leo Sorycz
Color: Nina Kondratowicz
Produced by DogFilm Studio, Warsaw, Poland, 2018 – dogfilm.eu


Polish National Labour Inspection


Documentation / Production / Postproduction