Travel Documentary Series Stroll With Ambassador

Travel documentary Film Series for The Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Client type: Institutional
Delivery: 7 episodes x12 mins


We were approached by the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs with a request to produce a 3-part series of documentary films featuring Polish Ambassadors in Rome, Paris and Athens. The idea was to produce entertaining travel content for general audience that would also inform the viewer about the duties of an ambassador and their line of work.


Producing this travel series we set out to create entertaining content from each location in the first place. WIn pre-production we worked hand-in-hand with the Polish MFA and ambassadors themselves to further research and document all the locations and secure shooting permits. The idea of the films being to take off some of the formality of the image of an ambassador, on the actual shoots we focused on authenticity. We blended formal with informal, seriousness with humor, carefully pre-planned with natural and spontaneous. This approach helped us come up with the right balance and the intended message and tone in the final videos.


The resulting three documentary travel films have met with enthusiastic reception both from the client (The Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and the MFA YouTube channel audiences. The series has been picked up by the national television which further expanded its outreach. It has been also featured on TVN News. The client decided to further expand the series into new episodes featuring another four of European capitals (Kiev, Riga, Lisbon, Zagreb). This in turn led to the production of yet other episodes specifically dealing with Portugal, commissioned this time by the Polish Embassy in Lisbon. In all, the series has been watched nationally on TV and on Polish MFA YouTube channel organically by close to a million viewers and helped client achieve with established PR goals and expand social media views and subscriptions.

Stroll with Ambassador Travel SERIES Trailer

  • Stroll With Ambassador Travel Series
  • Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • April 2012 - May 2013
Our Services
  • Strategy and Concept Development
  • Locations, Permits, Legal
  • Shoot Production in 7 European capitals
  • Post-Production, Sound, Color, Mastering

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