The Most Important

Social advertising video promoting EU Funds
Client: Institutional
Delivery: TV, Cinema, VOD, YouTube


Out client, Dolnoslaskie Voivodship,  wanted to reach general audience through social advertising campaign with the message: look, here’s how European Funds transformed our region for the benefit of every citizen. Do appreciate that!


Typical communication of the benefits that European Funds bring to a region is informational: here’s how many projects we have implemented and how much money got invested in all the different infrastructure for common purpose. The problem with this approach is that audiences can’t connect with that message emotionally. We tried to change that and show not just HOW the EU funds transformed this region but WHAT FOR really? We created a concept based on real people living in all the different villages and cities of Dolnośląskie and asked them just one question: What is all that for? What is most important really?


“A beautiful, thought-provoking video that helped us move a step up in the communication of European Funds benefits. We have received a very positive feedback from all our partners and are about to embark on wide distribution in cinemas, TV, VOD and on YouTube.”
Magdalena Kula, Urząd Marszałkowski Województwa Dolnośląskiego

  • The Most Important - Social Advertising Video
  • Dolnośląskie Voivodship, Poland
  • January - March 2020
Our Services
  • Strategy, Idea and Concept
  • Video Shoot & Production: 4.6K BM RAW
  • Editing, Sound Design, Color Correction
  • TV, VOD and Internet Masters
  • DCI Masters for Cinema Release

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