The Hump – Branded Content Videos for Camel Brand

Branded content video – The Hump – social media booster campaign for Camel brand
Client type: Business
Delivery: 3×3 mins videos


Camel wanted to create branded content videos that would engage audiences into viewing and sharing content across social media. Three artists from the fields of innovative art and music have been chosen to be featured in this series. Our role was to find a creative way of translating the written brief into authentic and nicely produced visuals that would make for engaging branded content videos.


As part of this campaign we produced four branded content videos: Floppotron, Laser Harp, Afishal and Beautiful Scraps. Each of them featured and artist transgressing boundaries in his chosen art form. The production involved covering four shoot locations, one in Poland and three in UK (London and Hove). Our approach was to show these unique artists in the process and let the viewers appreciate the creative aspect of their art. The final videos educate, entertain and inspire.


The resulting three branded content videos garnered over 1M views and over 4k comments from real users across client social media channels. The viewer feedback was overwhelmingly positive which helped in the process of repositioning the Camel brand and creating positive associations with contemporary eco-conscious art focused on recycling artifacts to give them new shapes and meanings.

  • The HUMP - Branded Content Video for Camel Brand
  • Camel, USA
    Havas Chicago, USA
  • April-June 2018
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